NOV 12 2021

What Arch Group Means To Us

While you might know us as Creative Arch, over the years we’ve expanded and grown to encompass three brands, each with their own speciality.

Resolution Arch was born in 2009 to be part of the solution to New Zealand’s leaky homes crisis, and today the team use their incredible technical skills to complete building remediation across the country. Resolution Arch are experts in complicated building repairs, ranging in size from residential projects to working closely with Body Corporates across medium density developments and high-rise apartment buildings.

Infusion Arch focusses on the Asian market, blending eastern and western culture through architecture to create large housing developments, terraced housing, multi-unit apartments, and high end residential projects.

Together, we are Arch Group.

The team at Arch Group work across the three brands, which means they hone skills in a wide range of architectural practices and solutions. No project is the same, and collaboration with clients, contractors and each other through such a multi-faceted practice creates architectural designers who can navigate any challenge.

While each of the Arch Group brands has its own speciality, as a team, we’re all committed to the same high standards, creating thoughtful, future proofed designs that genuinely improve the lives of our clients.

The three logos were chosen to reflect the core values of Arch Group.

The Creative Arch logo takes inspiration from the koru, one of the most integral and significant symbols in traditional Māori culture. The outer coil of a koru represents growth and conveys the idea of perpetual movement, while the inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin. In many ways, it depicts the way in which life changes and stays the same, and the growth of new life. The koru is a perfect symbol for Creative Arch, which has grown and developed significantly over the years, but maintained steadfast in its core values.

When Resolution Arch was founded in 2009, the hei matau, or fish hook inspired the company’s logo. To Māori, the hei matau signifies a close connection to the land and safe passage over water, as well as strength and prosperity. Building remediation is a process of strengthening and protecting a building, often overcoming issues wrought by the elements.

Infusion Arch is a company that fuses eastern and western cultures through architecture, so the pikorua was the perfect symbol. The pikorua, or twist, in its triple form represents the coming together of people or cultures in friendship and collaboration. The shape reflects the ebbs and flows of teamwork, and in Māori tradition, was given as a gift of friendship between tribes.

As we near the end of what has been a difficult year for all New Zealanders, we’re still committed to the values that inspired us, and our logos, from the beginning.