Atimala & Bracey Residence

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The client's brief included open plan living with indoor / outdoor flow and large kitchen to cater for extended family gatherings.

Discussions were had regarding the current plaster cladding performance and the benefits including resale value of a full reclad. It was decided to reclad the building, removing all plaster from the home and replacing with contrasting materials that would become a feature of the home.

The mid 80’s plaster home was in need of major refurbishment.

True Oak Black metal cladding was chosen for its durability, low maintenance and ability to contrast with the texture of the Rusty Red painted Shadowclad. Architectural features were added using timber battens in the form of handrails, screens and pergola structures to enhance and break up the simple rectangular exterior form of the original home. The entrance was remodelled and repositioned with a new canopy roof being added to signify and direct visitors to the solid imprinted feature door. A batten wall and pergola structure have been used to define and separate the bedroom deck from the entrance creating a zone for the two areas. The skylights and natural oiled ply ceiling, lightens and adds contrast against the exterior claddings, while allowing natural light to flood the kitchen and dining areas. Rope has been wrapped around the columns as a feature to add interest, texture and soften the black steel rafter and True Oak that clads the home.

  • Location: Greenlane, Auckland
  • Floor Area: 210m2
  • Status: Completed 2014