Orakei Residence

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This project in Auckland’s Orakei began as a recladding job to a home that was suffering water damage due to inadequate cladding and joinery. Once the cladding was removed, it was clear that there was significant damage to the timber framing and foundations, so the decision was made to start from scratch.

Replacing the damaged framing and securing the foundations provided the owner, in close consultation with the team, to completely revitalise the whole design. A brand-new chef’s kitchen was installed, and a focus on open plan living has made the home an entertainer’s dream. A glass steel double sliding door allows for optional separation of the spacious living area, creating a cosy, quiet corner.

The new design resolves all the issues of weathertightness, future proofing the home for many generations to come. The interior spaces are a celebration of natural light and fresh air, maximising views out towards Okahu Bay and creating the perfect oasis for entertaining, or watching the golden hour settle across the city.


  • Location: Orakei, Auckland
  • Status: Completed 2021